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PROFLEX focus on research & development of high precision machining components made of copper alloy and any other new materials for Plumbing, EV, 5G Communication, New Energy and Automation Industries.

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Fully comply with ISO9001:2015 manufacturing workflow and efficiently managed by SAP-ERP system, PPAP implement for new product development, PROFLEX is able to guarantee a reliable quality control with competitive price and outstanding service.


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  • Fahaiza-manao fototra Fahaiza-manao fototra
    Fahaiza-manao fototra

    Marketing & Service
    Quality System
    Production & Cost Control
    Product Line Planning

  • ny Vision ny Vision
    ny Vision

    Become a leading enterprise in high precision brass fittings and compenonts industry

  • ny Mission ny Mission
    ny Mission

    Create added value for customers Contribute to industrial power processing

  • Three Year Plan Three Year Plan
    Three Year Plan

    Break Through 30 Million USD in 2024

  • SAP

    Fully comply with ISO9001 and Efficiently managed by SAP, Proflex can improve its production planning, achieve complex assembly processes and enable seamless manufacturing engnnering.

  • Laboratory

    Owning full range of testing equipment competent to tests such as Chemistry Composition, Tensile, Pull out, Strength, Dezincification Resistance, Salty Spray, Pressure, Waterflow, Leakage, etc, Proflex can ensure an reliable quality level.

  • Raw material price

    Thanks for processed with imported material license, Proflex is able to get the best price and ensure the reliable quality from raw material sourcing.

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  • about
  • about

Established in 2010, is an outstanding manufacturer specialized in research and development and production of qualified brass fittings and components in Taizhou, China. Now our production area covers more than 10000m2 and production capacity surpasses 2 million sets per month.





Welcome to visit us on the AquaTherm 2024

Welcome to visit us on the AquaTherm 2024 from 6-9 Feb. Our Botth No is B2133. Proflex is professional at all kinds of brass fittings, accessories and high precision components.

MES -Teknolojia nomerika vaovao ho an'ny famokarana hanatsarana ny fahombiazantsika

    Tena faly aho manambara fa tamin'ny 1 aogositra 2023, ny orinasanay dia nahomby tamin'ny fanatanterahana ny rafitra MES farany indrindra mba hanatsarana ny fahombiazan'ny famokarana. MES no sosona fanatanterahana eo anelanelan'ny drafitra...

Hatsembohana ao an-trano.

Tamin'ny 1 Jolay tamin'ity taona ity, ny orinasanay dia nifindra avy amin'ny toerana voalohany nankany amin'ny adiresy vaovao, No. 530 Fugang Road, Shamen Town. Ity no tranoben'ny orinasanay, misy rihana 4 ary mihoatra ny 10000 metatra toradroa. Ny rihana voalohany sy faharoa dia vokatra...

Hihaona amin'ny ISH 2023, Frankfurt, Alemaina.
Hihaona amin'ny ISH 2023, Frankfurt, Alemaina.

The world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water takes place every two years in Frankfurt am Main. In 2023, ISH will be launching both physically and digitally. Welcome to visit our Proflex on the ISH 2023, Frankfurt, Germany.

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If you have any questions, please contact us and we willreply to you as soon as possible

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